Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Residential Roofing Styles

There are many styles that homeowners can use to shape their roofs. It is however important to note that the style must coordinate well with the exterior part of your home. Amount of resources determines the style that you adopt. There are various pros and cons of various roofing style. This article highlights and explains various advantages and disadvantages of various roofing designs.

  • Gabled roof The gabled roofs are most common and are predominantly found in USA and Europe. The rafters are cut and joined at an angle to form a triangular shape. There are various advantages and disadvantages of a gabled roof. In terms of cost, since it is easy to construct it is one pocket friendly. The steep slope allows for snow and rain water to run smoothly. The offer additional space by the creation of mezzanine floor.

The main disadvantage however is that this roofs have high mantainance cost and that they are not well suited in windy areas.

  • Gambrel roof It is made of that have been placed on the two sides of a ridge. The roof is easy to construct and allows for sufficient space for an upper level. It is easy to construct and saves time and resources.

    This style however is not suitable in areas with snow and high winds.

  • Flat roof It is constructed of a top coat with an under layer. Since there are two sides for this roof, proper sealing is needed. The main advantage is that it is easy to access the roof when inspection is needed. It is also cheap to recoat it. The main disadvantage is that flat roofs become unstable if it is used on a large area. It also unsuitable for areas prone to snow.
  • The hipped roof Residential roofing companies offer their customers this because of its popularity. This is a sloped style where each side consists of its own unique slope. It needs much construction time and expertise due to the number of support structure it has. The main advantage of this style is that the aerodynamic design is a plus. Due to its slant shape in all sides, it is safe with heavy winds. The main disadvantage is that there is little room for attic space and the style is prone to leaks.
  • Mansard roof This is a variation of hip roof style, it has enough space in the house. The main advantage is the additional space  created. It also allows easy expansion such as additional storeys. It is also easy to install and cheaper than the others. However the main disadvantage is that it makes the house to look like a box.