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Uses of electric fencing in agriculture

This article on electric fence uses for agriculture contains the advantages and the disadvantages of using an electric fence. An electric fence can be used by farmers for different purposes to improve the flexibility of design and construction. If you may be wondering why an electric fence is used in agriculture then I would urge you to read this article to the end.

Electric Fence Uses for Agriculture

An electric fence is used whereby as a barrier to limit animals and people from crossing a certain borderline. To ensure it is effective it uses electric shocks which may lead to discomforts or even death. Although most of these fences are used for agricultural fencing and other practices of non-human animal control, they are also used for protection purposes in areas that have high-security measures such as prisons and in the military.

Advantages of electric fence

The electric fence uses for agriculture are many and are advantageous to the farmers in different ways. A farmer can manage animals without worrying that predators may bring damage to them. Judging that the fence is easily constructed, it is evident that the farmer incurs low costs in construction and designing then they incur when using a barbed wire.

 It is also easily affordable since it is less expensive to maintain and build compared to a barbed wire. The electric fence uses for agriculture purposes is better than using a barbed-wire since it is more durable compared to the latter. The electric fence has a relatively low weight which makes it easy for them to be carried from one place to another. It can also be easily improved and stretched if need be in the future.

Uses of electric fencing in agriculture

Keeping in mind that agriculture mostly animal keeping is the basic activity practiced by many people worldwide, it is good to note some of the crucial methods you can use to control your animals. In many instances, it is good to use electric power when fencing. The benefits of using the electric fencing technique include:

Keeping wild animals such as birds, elephants, leopards out of farms.

It is used to separate different groups of animals such as cows from goats.

Electric fencing facilitates crop and pasture rationing whereby a farmer separates a part of their farm for crop plantation and the rest for pasture purposes.

It is also used to limit animals from going to the rivers, roads, and corroding areas.

Disadvantages of electric fencing

The electric fence uses for agriculture agricultural purposes may have some disadvantages such as:

It is not suitable for use in areas with no electricity. This means that before you consider using an electric fence you must be in areas with electricity. Also, it is important to maintain a consistent voltage. In the case where broken insulators or weeds touches the fence, it may lead to a low voltage which will not be effective as required.

In conclusion, electric fence uses for agriculture have pros and cons. The most vital con is that it can lead to the death of human beings and also animals that touch the fence or even plants. To avoid such damages it is important to keep a constant voltage that is recommended in each sector of agriculture.  

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