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Cashmere, The best Cashmere Sweaters and Their Prices

Cashmere sweaters are a common outfit for individuals seeking to have themselves looking elegant and classy, while at the same time protecting themselves from cold. The prices of these sweaters are generally higher compared to that of other woolen sweaters’ prices BW online store. These sweaters add a nice lavish touch of outfit.  

Cashmere refers to the animal-hair fiber that forms the Kashmir goats’ furry basecoat. Sometimes, the word cashmere is used to refer to the exceedingly soft wools products, but the correct use of the word should be when referring to the Kashmir goat products. Cashmere products like the cashmere sweaters have a type of wool made from the Kashmir goats and the pashmina goats. The word Kashmir has a northern India origin where cashmere is still produced. Often, for better quality, cashmere is blended with other kinds of wool. The most common regions where cashmere goats found are Mongolia, China and Iran.  

Among all the types of wool, cashmere is the most expensive and that makes the cashmere product very expensive. The manufacturing and production process for cashmere of cashmere products is so complicated and therefore making the products more expensive compared to the other wool merchandises. To make cashmere sweaters, cashmere wool is knitted and woven into a number of outfits


Making of cashmere 

The goats shed their coats naturally during the spring molting season. The wool is then gathered by either combing the coats of the goat with a comb or by shaving the goat. The limitation in shaving is that it needs more de-hairing after completion due to rough overcoat. Combing therefore offers cashmere of high quality. The coarse overcoat hairs are separated from fine soft undercoat hairs after the gathering of the wool. The fibers are then assembled into rolls. The bales spun is dyed then knit or else woven into fabric.  

Uses of cashmere 

Apart from the weaving of cashmere sweaters, cashmere is also used for making various other items. Such items include the following: 

  • Cashmere coats 
  • Cashmere pants 
  • Cashmere accessories. These include the cashmere socks, gloves, shawls, and scarves.  
  • Home good. They include bedding like the cashmere blankets which are warm and comfortable.  

Advantages of cashmere sweaters and other cashmere merchandises 

  1. They add a touch of class to the outfit. Generally, people associating themselves with the cashmere products seem a class above due to the fact that the merchandise are more expensive. 
  1. They add a touch of elegance due to their beauty.  
  1. They are more durable compared to other woven products. 
  1. They provide good warmth the users 
  1. They provide more comfort. Cashmere sweaters are lighter than other sweaters that provide a similar amount of warmth.  

Disadvantages of the cashmere products  

  1. They are usually more expensive. As stated earlier, cashmere production and the manufacturing is quite a piece of work thus making the products more expensive.  
  1. The merchandises are normally warm thus making them quite unsuitable for hot weather.  
  1. Production of counterfeit products in the name of cashmere thus making it hard for those who are not fully conversant with cashmere to differentiate.