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How to set up a Shopify shop?

A Shopify shop set-up is based on factors such as subscription. This means that to own a Shopify store you need capital since you need to pay for the subscription. The subscription may vary from yearly to monthly. If for example, you subscribe for the yearly plan, you will benefit since you will end up paying a slightly lower amount of money compared to the monthly subscriber. The following are the step-to-step guidelines that you should follow when using Shopify.

Guidelines when using Shopify

Sign up to Shopify

To access Shopify, you must start with this step of creating an account with them. It is very crucial and also the easiest. The site will then navigate and you will be required to click on the `Get Started` button. Enter your email address, password, and your desired unique name for your shop.

In addition to that, you will be required to give additional information to Shopify about yourself stating how much you are planning to sell and whether you are already selling. After completing all the information required and ensuring that the information is correct click on the `Enter My Store` button.

In the next step of the Shopify shop set-up process, when asked what you want to create click on the `Online shop` then the `Next` button. Subsequently, you will be asked to enter your personal information such as your name, phone number, and address to enable you to get paid with your currency and tax rates.

Add a product to your shop

 This is the second step in the Shopify shop set-up where you will be able to customize your shop and upload the products that you want your clients to look through. When uploading your products on the Shopify store, you can add a title, a description, price, and the vendor according to how you feel. After completing uploading it and giving all the relevant details, do not forget to save the product.

Customizing your site

This is where you are required to customize your shop by imputing logos for your site to put an impression on your customers on the products you are selling. Choose the best logos and themes for your site so that they will be flashy to your customers to have big traffic.

Set up your domain

 This is where you choose the best template and design for your store that will make it look official and legible. After activating your domain by paying for it or imputing your details if it already existed, go to the domain and access the site.

Last but not the least, you shop authorize Shopify the most reliable way that you can best access to receive your payments. By activating your payment processor, you can easily accept payments and store them in your account.

In conclusion, setting up a Shopify shop can be considered if you have access to the internet and you would like to work freely at any time and place.

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