Why Opt For Sod Installation

When you are looking into making changes to your lawn, there are a number of different options that you can be able to choose from. Sod installation Coastal Yardworks of Delta BC is one of the easiest and fastest ways in which you can be able to properly establish your lawn. Before sod even comes into your home, a total of a year is usually spent on it so that it can grow up to maturity. Therefore, what this means is that the sod that usually comes into your home is one that has reached its full maturity. When you take all the necessary steps of ensuring that you are able to take proper care of it, then your yard should be ready after 3 weeks of the installation. You should know that even though it may cost you a lesser amount of money to seed, most of the costs that you are going to recur may be as a result of reseeding, erosion, watering and even over-seeding. It normally takes around 2 weeks to 3 weeks for a seed to properly germinate. You should also know that for a lawn that has been newly seeded, it is going to take a much longer period of time especially when it comes to nurturing it into a healthy and mature lawn. You cannot be able to make use of these newly seeded lawns until some months have gone by.

Important details to know about sod installations

  • You can be able to install sod anywhere on the ground provided it is not frozen
  • It is easy to work with sod and one can be able to make use of it after 3 weeks going up
  • The sod seed tends to take a total of around 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 weeks for it to germinate
  • When it comes to establishing, sod tends to make use of a lesser amount of water compared to the seed itself

Filtration and erosion

Because when the landscaping Vancouver sod installation is done it is normally fully mature, it is able to control erosion from taking place. Another good thing is the fact that one can be able to carry out sod installations on a steep hill. You can also do sod installations so that you can be able to stabilize the slopes. On the other hand, a turfgrass is used to filter dust and dirt and also effectively eliminate mud from the environment. With a proper lawn, it is able to absorb all the necessary carbon dioxide and then it releases out all the oxygen with the main aim of keeping your air fresh and clean. Having sod installation in your lawn also muffles and filters noise.