Tips To Improve Your Living Room Lighting

When redecorating your living room, it is important to consider the lighting. With new living room designs and items in place, the present lighting might not provide enough light for you to clearly see what you are doing. This calls for new lighting designs and sources of light. When you decide to enhance the decorations of your living room with better lighting, it is good to consider the various types of lamp designs and light fixtures designed for different uses.  

When deciding on the type of lighting to use, think of the different functional areas in your living room. Do you need a background ambient light or bright and focused lighting? Place different lighting according to the various lighting needs, in a modern living room, you can use accent lighting, ambient lighting or task lighting. 

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is mostly used for decoration purposes. It helps lighten certain features in the living room as well as subtle glows in some areas. Different types of accenting lighting include; 

Can lights. They are placed shining upwards near the floor. 

Accent lamps. These are lamps mostly placed along the walls.  

Picture lights and spot lights. They are used in highlighting different decorations in the living room. The light they produce reflects on the items nearby, creating an adorable effect. 

Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting refers to diffused background light which the whole room.  Though ambient lighting fills the whole room, in most cases it is not sufficient for purposes such as reading a book. This type of light is provided by living room lighting fixtures. Such fixtures include; 

Overhead flush to ceiling light fixtures. 

A light kit attached to the living room ceiling fan.  

Chandeliers well hang from the ceiling. 

Pendant lights hanging on the ceiling. 

Wall sconces placed on different positions on the sides. 

Task Lighting 

Task lights are bright and focus on specific tasks allowing you have a clear view of particular areas such as a corner, a reading table or a chair. The living room lamps help you to do work that require bright light to see. There are different task lights you can use depending on the specific activities in the living room. Such lights include; 

Reading lamps placed near a couch or chair. 

Desk lamps placed on a desk you can do any paperwork. 

Table lamps placed in the corners of the living room or next to a sofa or chair. 

Banker’s lamps. They provide light in a focused downward manner over your keyboard or piano. 

Task lamps. They help during hobbies and crafts. 

Swag lights and small pendant lights mostly placed over a seating area. 

Wall lamps and swing arm lamps. They are placed in a fixed location and can extend close to a table. 


When choosing the type of lighting to use during redecoration of your living room, t is advisable you consider different factors such as the size of your room, the type of items in the room as well as the color of different items in your living room. A well lit room is attractive and lively. 

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