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Tips to find the lowest prices on dumpster rentals

Sometimes projects at home like remodeling or renovations generate a lot of waste that requires to be disposed off to maintain cleanliness of the compound. Whenever there is need to get rid of tons of waste, a dumpster rental service is necessary.  gets rid of the waste away from you compound in one single swoop. Most people however are afraid of using dumpster rental services because they fear the prices could be too high. Here are some tips to help you get a dumpster at the lowest prices possible.

Know the size you require ? the bigger the  you choose to rent, the more you will pay. You need to approximate the amount of trash that your project will generate so that you can find the most suitable dumpster for the project. Also if you have a big project, it only makes sense if you rent the biggest dumpster instead of having to rent the small one so many times over. 

Determine for how long you need the dumpster ? duration is another thing that really affects how much you will have to pay for the dumpster. Most companies will give their dumpsters for a duration of three days. This means that you need to hire the dumpster towards the end of your project when the cleanup is being done. Three days are enough to clean and load all the trash generated into the dumpster for pickup. The longer you stay with the dumpster the more you will pay for it. 

Compare prices ? there are many dumpster companies available out there and the charges differ from company to the next. You must do a thorough search and comparison of the charges as offered by different companies in your vicinity. While finding for a dumpster rental company, you can start you search online where many companies have their services and prices listed. Also ensure that you ask for a quote from all the companies.

Book the dumpster directly ? it is easy to reach the dumpster rental companies to hire a dumpster on your own. Using intermediaries to connect you with the dumpster rental company will cost you more than you should have paid if you hired directly. 

Know the weight allowed ? ensure that you know how much weight is allowed in the dumpster. You might not necessarily know the exact weight of the trash you have generated but enquire from the dumpster rental company. They should be able to give you an estimate of the weight for the project you have.  Remember also items like furniture, cement, dirt and wood will weigh more. Most companies will charge extra for the extra tonnage that you have put in the dumpster so be sure of what these costs would be.

With these tips in mind you will cut costs on dumpster rentals and enjoy cheapest services. 

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