Island To Offer Therapeutic Massage As Part Of New Union Agreement For Workers

It has always been associated with calmness and relaxation. Massage is an old time therapy that is still relevant today to all forms of ages. Apart from improving the circulation of blood within the body, massage has been known to eliminate tension from the body, especially around the joint areas.  Some of the ancient cultures that once practiced massage therapy include the areas around Egypt, Greek, China, and India. The inhabitants from these places relied on the massage treatments to heal certain ailments.

Amazingly, the massaging process is usually done with the use of hands which are gently pressed around the soft muscles to reduce the tension and also improve the circulation of blood in these areas. The main idea is to break the pain cycle around the painful areas. Among some of the common disorders that can be treated with massage therapy include arthritis, depression, headache, anxiety, high blood pressure, as well as insomnia. Relaxation and calmness are the immediate effects of applying the massage therapy

According to massage therapists, it has been proven that massage normally induces the release of endorphins that normally produce the feel good hormones. The stress hormones such as cortisol are therefore reduced, and the patient regains a relaxing mood.

Among the basic physical benefits of a massage therapy include mobility and flexibility around the joint areas, recovery of the injuries around the tissues, reduction of depression and anxiety, and the tone of the skin. Those who love sports can as well embark on , just in case they have to reduce the tension in the muscles or increase the circulation around the lymphatic system area. There are different kinds of depending on the needs of the patient as follows:

This kind of massage therapy aims at preventing the tissue pains that is usually caused by myofascial dysfunction. The patients who have either sporting or occupational injuries can rely on this massage therapy to reduce pain.

This is a kind of massage therapy that aims at relieving tension and pain in the soft tissues, muscles as well as the tendons. As the name suggests, it can always act as the first aid treatment for the patient who has experienced pain around these areas. Another form of massage that aims at relaxing the nervous system is known as the lymphatic drainage system. This kind of massage therapy also improves the immune system of the body, general mental alertness of an individual as well as rejuvenating the body. Remedial therapy method reduces the depression and anxiety from the patient.