DIY Bed Bug Treatment Options

Even though some people would rather go for natural treatment of bed bugs, it is worth noting that the natural options might not be very effective. 

You can succeed to eliminate the bed bugs if the infestation is not highly spread. If maybe you don’t have the resources to buy the pesticides or call the fumigation company, here I highlight 5 bed bug treatment options 

1.      Bleach 

Bleach is popularly known for cleaning. However, it can be used to kill bed bugs. You can wash the infested garments using bleach to kill the insect. Bleach destroys the bed bug’s respiratory system and hence killing it. 

Bleach concentrated odor, kills insects or pests through suffocation. You can wash or spray the infested areas using the bleach. You can also pick the bed bugs and put them in a jar containing the bleach.  



You cannot completely eradicate the bed bug using bleach at it will only kill the ones that come into direct contact with it. 


2.      Tea Tree Oil 

This kind of essential oil is scientifically known to have some pesticide effect. It is the strongest home remedy for bed bug treatment.  

Some of the commercial bed bugs sprays contain Tea Tree oil as one of the active ingredients.  

The essential oil clogs the bed bugs tube on their outer shell that they use to breathe. The bed bug dies of suffocation when they come into direct contact with the tee tree.  



The essential oil can only be effective when it comes to direct contact with the bed bug. Therefore, this bed bug treatment option is not very effective in cases where the insect have highly infested. 


3.      Rubbing Alcohol 

This is pure alcohol mostly used for treating wounds. Though the same content is found in drinks, it contains bitterants that make it inedible. 

The alcohol is toxic to life and hence causes death when it comes into direct contact with the bed bug.  

When in contact with a bed bug, it dissolves the bed bug outer layer making it dehydrated and killing it instantly. 



It is highly flammable. Anything that comes in to contact with rubbing alcohol becomes flammable.  


4.      Diatomaceous Earth 

It is in the form of powder. It is considered the most effective home remedy.  

The powder is sprinkled in the places infested by the bed bugs.  When the bed bugs walk through the powder, the exoskeleton that prevents the bedbug from losing water is removed and hence the bed bug dries up.  

This method is only effective if the bedbug walks through the powder.  


5.      Bicarbonate of Soda 

Bicarbonate of soda is believed to kill bed bugs. The powder is sprinkled in areas infested by the bed bugs as it is believed to have a dehydrating character when it comes into contact with the bed bugs.  

This method is cheap and it also works effectively. 



Since it can also only kill the bed bugs through direct contact, it is therefore not able to kill the eggs and so you will have to keep repeating the process regularly. The process may, therefore, turn to be very expensive. 

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